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Plan, Pray, Slay is more than just an ordinary planner- it is a “God idea” I finally had the courage to execute. This fully functional planner was created for you to organize and execute your goals. I believe we were all created with a distinct soul assignment, which is why I operate from a place of squeezing every ounce of talent, skills and God-given ideas each and every day. This tool will allow you to do the same.

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Plan, Pray and Prosper is a Monthly Planner for Men. This planner offers men a more authentic perspective into the power of properly planning effective habits, documenting affirmations, remaining conscious to what you are grateful for, and owning the decisions that may lead to an abundant future. I am excited for what GOD and this planner have in store for you. I pray for your growth and I wish you great prosperity. BE GREAT!

Plan, Pray & Prosper

Eva Sarai Johnson is an eight-year-old rising leader with a big imagination and an even bigger curiosity for understanding her cultural roots. In this story, Eva shares her journey about self-identifying as an Afro-Latina. Eva was inspired to write this book to encourage others to celebrate all aspects of their culture. Her parents taught her the importance of appreciating and valuing what makes her unique. Eva created this story to share that same message with others. She wants to remind everyone their historical roots are what makes them beautiful. What makes them powerful. Eva hopes that you enjoy this book and share it with others. Let’s stay connected #evatheafrolatina

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