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Meet Elaine Gonzalez - Johnson

There was a dire need for me to start this brand. I felt the need to explain who “Mogul Mami” is - so that you would understand why this brand is so important. I reached a point in my career where I was asked questions about Elaine the educator… Elaine the Founder of Latinas in Motion… Elaine the woman who is dangerously in love like Beyonce with her husband Darryl… Elaine the woman who redefines what a working mother looks like. If we are being honest… I got tired of keeping these roles in different categories. Allow me to quote Whitney Houston when I say “I’m Every Woman, It’s All in Me”.

Past Appearances

I am extremely proud to identify as a serial entrepreneur. Some would call it “doing the most” but I consider it “doing what I love”. I have businesses in the nonprofit field as well as the for-profit sector. Although different, all of my businesses have one thing in common: purpose!


Have you figured out your purpose yet? I believe we are all created with a distinct soul assignment. It is YOUR job to step into YOUR greatness and fulfill YOUR assignment. You may not know where to start but that’s where I come in. If this is you, keep reading! I have established two coaching opportunities to suit your needs!

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Past Appearances

A Mogul Mami is a woman who encompasses strength, creativity, and love. A Mogul Mami is a woman who believes she can do all things (because the bible says so). A Mogul Mami is a woman who breaks the glass ceiling of society’s standards of success. A Mogul Mami is a woman who embraces her spiritual gifts, talents, skills, and beauty.

This website will serve as a hub of resources where we will discuss all things business, family, faith, and fun. Please subscribe to the site. You will be the first to know about events, content and my favorite products.

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